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Posted in Foto, Katia by Aphex on 2007 02 28

Praūžė knygų mugė, darbai spaudžia.

Ir vėl Snaigė


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  1. Ponike said, on 2007 02 28 at 22:13:28

    Man si katyte atrodo piktai :)

  2. Aphex said, on 2007 02 28 at 22:47:52

    Ej :) Ponike, kodėl aš pas tave negaliu komentuot? Man rašo “Sorry, but your comment has been flagged by the spam filter running on this blog: this might be an error, in which case all apologies. Your comment will be presented to the blog admin who will be able to restore it immediately.
    You may want to contact the blog admin via e-mail to notify him.”

  3. Ponike said, on 2007 03 01 at 20:24:34

    Ok paziuresiu, manau gal netycia patekai i spam sarasa. :( Klaida bus pataisyta

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